My name is Francine Boer and I’m an in the Netherlands based weddingphotographer. By combining my passion for capturing moments and exploring new surroundings I travel around to capture intimate, memorable and active moments of your life. This varies from weddings to backcountry snowboarding to photographing newborns.



Photography gives me a sense of freedom, the feeling that everything is possible. Seeing the world in different perspectives behind your camera. Through this medium I’ve had the honor to meet great people which I now share beautiful memories with!

Capturing a small moment which will become a lifetime memory, this is what photography for me is all about.
Real laughter, genuine feelings combined with an adventure such as your weddingday, a hike
to this special place or a walk on the beach. A photosession with photos that make your smile and
long to go back to that moment, that’s my mission.



Let’s create new memories!