I drove to Sulzberg, Germany the day before Ange and Joni’s wedding. This was also they day I would meet them for the first time, well I can tell you, I instantly was a big fan of them. How chilled they are and how much fun they have with their family and friends was awesome. So I knew their wedding day was one to remember for ever.

The Allgäu is breathtaking. I’ve never actually been here since I usually drive straight to Austria but after having spent a week here this will be my new stop whenever I go south. The houses are cute, the people friendly and the hilly landshape breathtaking.

To have all these points combined in one wedding (the landschape, cool people and the architecture) was a dream come true for me. Joni + Ange, thanks so much for having me and letting me feel so welcome!

August 21, 2019