Bill and Olivia got married in Nelson in their livingroom two days prior with the reception/gardenparty the next day. This party turned out to be so much fun with the most important people in their lives to celebrate with. The day after the night before we went up to Cable bay with the inevitable hangover. Still had the most cruisiest (is this a word?) photo session I could imagine. Thanks Olivia and Bill (and handsome boy little Oscar) for your amazing kindness!


How do I find photoshoot locations?

If I have a photoshoot at a location I’ve never been before either my clients have some cool spots in mind or I would go on google maps and see what looks like a cool spot from above. There’s this function where you can see what photos other people took at certain places and through this function I find a lot of photoshoot locations you otherwhise wouldn’t have found. In my experience this works for every country/region in the world!

I initially thought about a sunset shoot for this location/family but we had to postpone the shoot and had it on a rainy day which I thought was amazing! I could see the wind picking up in the backyard so I knew when we got to Cable bay it would work out amazing with a cool moody athmosphere.

February 19, 2020
Family / Wedding